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GIS Development

A Geographic Information System (GIS) consists of the hardware, software, and people needed to collect, store, and maintain spatial data.  A GIS can take the form of a small, tidy system stored on the desktop, or it can be a complex infrastructure that resides on a centralized server or in the Cloud.  Whatever the size, your GIS must allow for efficient storage, retrieval, and updating of geographic information, and it must grow to meet your needs.  We use a variety of both commercial and open-source GIS and database technology options to build GIS from the ground up.

DTM is a Certified ESRI Business Partner and Developer.  With over thirty years of cumulative GIS and database development in house, you can be assured that your project will be completed in a professional manner.

  • GIS Data Editing and Conversion (ESRI, AutoCAD, USGS DEM, LiDAR, GPS, and more)
  • ESRI Geodatabase, SDE, and ArcGIS Online development
  • Data capture (GPS-based and remote sensing)
  • Custom data entry/editing/processing applications
  • Mobile GIS (Trimble, Garmin, Android, and iOS)
  • ESRI, Google, Bing, and OpenStreetMap API development

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